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Shirataki pasta made from the konjac plant, perfect to replace your usual pasta and reduce carbohydrates in your day to day.

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The Konjac Plant

The Konjac plant grows in South East Africa and in Asia. In China and Japan, Konjac has been known for 2,000 years as a plant with medicinal properties and health benefits, forming part of their usual diet (Konnyaku or shirataki).

The main component of Konjac is glucomannan, which is extracted in the form of flour from the tuber of the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. It is a soluble fiber with great thickening power and a very low caloric intake. Products derived from konjac are 100% plant-based and do not contain any allergens. In addition to providing no net carbs and no sugar or fat, konjac pasta only has 7kcal per serving, making it a perfect substitute for traditional pasta.

Konjac Glucomannan Benefits

1) Increases the feeling of satiety, thanks to its high fiber content that expands in the stomach when eaten.


2) It helps to lose weight, in part thanks to its low calorie content.

3) Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

4) Positive effect in people with type 2 diabetes since it reduces the increase in sugar levels that occur after meals.

5) Regulates intestinal transit and maintains and recovers the intestinal flora.


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